Disposable seat covers  

SEET CUVERS are passenger seat covers that you use over your passenger seat when traveling.

The Seetcuvers are made of 100% polypropylene and are lightweight and comfortable. Our seat covers form a barrier between you and the surface of the seat, Recommended for single use

Our disposable seat covers are supplied per 2 pieces. Great for all the family!

There are more than 200 million people who travel the world every year. By using SEET CUVERS we make travel more hygienic and therefore safer.

If you think our product suits the needs of your own customers, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you and can offer attractive conditions for volume purchase

We understand the importance of safety when traveling. That’s why we think our product is a good fit for your customers’ needs.


Perfect for traveling

These seat covers are a must have when traveling. They are very affordable, you get two in the package as well as easy to put on the airplane seats. I’ll be purchasing them every time I travel. Thanks for the protection from most if not all the germs on the airplane seats!

James W

Quick and easy safety barrier

These disposable airplane seat covers were very easy to use and have added to my peace of mind on 6 different flights, 4 of which were transcontinental. They fit on a variety of seats on different carriers and truly covered the surface and provided an excellent safety barrier. Very light and fits into any carry on with ease. Highly recommend!

Jenna J

Perfect disposable seat cover

Highly recommend this ‘Seet Cuver’ for air travel and movies. Easy to use, lightweight and ideal for staying germ-free. My husband and I will definitely keep using and give as gifts.

Ciara S